About us

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MyLinky does not only allow you create and share multiple links via one link but also allows you shorten long links and so much more!. 

A MyLinky not only points followers in the direction of your choosing — to your other social profiles, eCommerce store, or content you want to share — but it helps hold followers within your online ecosystem for longer. It allows users to share more, sell more, curate more and grow more.

We're a passionate team of developers, designers, marketers and biz ops, committed to equipping content-creators with the best tools for getting their work seen.

We are fiercely committed to our customers’ success. Our job is to ensure that our trusted platform, performance, and people help customers achieve their goals.

We are building a fast-growing, healthy business powered by quick learning, constant optimization, and data-driven decisions.

We are a team that respects each other and values diversity and inclusion. We treat others as we’d want to be treated and uphold the highest levels of integrity in everything we do.

We are driven to win, bring our “A Game” to work each day, and deliver exceptional results.

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Please see our MyLinky's Terms of Use for more information on our working guidelines and policies.

Last updated on: 23 February, 2020